Balance Me

Balance Me

In this weeks Buy Women Built, a blog to showcase UK female led brands. We're delighted to feature Rebecca Hopkins from Balance Me. 

Balance me is a UK skincare brand, solving skin concerns naturally without creating others. Their purpose, to bring a moment of balance to everyone they touch, whilst being mindful of our planet.

Here's Rebecca to tell us more in her own words: 

My sister Clare and I started Balance Me back in 2005 as our fast-paced living and corporate lifestyle had taken its toll on our skin.  We were both experiencing sensitive skin reactions and hormonal breakouts as a result and wanted to explore natural skincare to balance our skin.

We began our business by offering holistic treatments to corporate companies and this naturally led us to creating our own formulas and products and the creation of our skincare brand, Balance Me.

We very much pride ourselves in using the best high-performance natural ingredients out there, blending our formulas in Britain and ensuring all aspects of our products are a joy to use, whether that’s the unique fragrance, the beautiful textures or the visible results - this is why we have such a loyal community!  Our products are brilliant at helping to balance skin, solving skin concerns without creating others and the natural ingredients ensure much of the range is great for different life stages, including pregnancy and early motherhood.

Being a female founded family brand, we also champion women across all areas of our business - as an example, our leadership team are all women.  We are also proudly B Corp, which led us to our ongoing partnership with The Hygiene Bank, as we believe everyone has the right to be clean.  They are a brilliant charity partner, also female founded.

 If you’d like to find out more, you can visit us on

Rebecca Hopkins
Joint CEO/Co-Founder