Buy Women Built Movement

Buy Women Built Movement

iSOMUM is proud to be a part of a progressive movement to empower female entrepreneurship. In our Buy Women Built series we will feature other members collaborating to unleash women’s incredible untapped potential.

The Buy Women Built is a movement founded by Sahar Hashmi to mobilise consumers to buy from female founded businesses by showcasing who they are and why buying from them is our quickest path to a stronger, fairer economy.

It’s an incredibly simple idea. Not everyone can invest in or mentor female founders but everyone can buy from them.

By shining a light on women built brands our movement brings choice to consumers who want to empower and support women, while inspiring fu
ture female entrepreneurs that they can do it too!

We’re a call to action to consumers. We can all aim to buy more from women built brands and ultimately, help close the gender entrepreneurship gap in the UK.

Our campaign spotlights amazing women built brands like Breast DressedModern Cloth Nappies, Elk & BloomChilds Farm, so consumers can vote with their wallets. By sharing their stories and showcasing their products, we are aiming to unleash women’s incredible untapped potential.

Let’s use consumer spending power to get behind women built businesses, inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs, and build a stronger, fairer economy. 

When you buy women built, you not only support the incredible brands we already have, but also help the next generation dream bigger. And the bigger girls dream, the stronger and fairer our country will be. 

Bad Facts that need changing:

  • We don’t have enough women starting businesses in the UK we are 30% behind USA, Canada and The Netherlands. If we reached the same levels as these countries that would add £200bn to the economy (Rose Review)

  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female (Rose Review)

  • A staggering 80% of 11 - 18 years olds are unable to name a single female entrepreneur (Santander)

  • Children are four times more likely to think of a man than a woman when they hear ‘entrepreneur’ (Santander)

  • Only 39% of women are confident in their ability to start a business as opposed to 56% of men (Rose Review)

  • If women start businesses at the same rate as men, £250 billion will be added to the UK economy (Rose Review) 

As consumers we have the power to change the world. Our everyday purchasing decisions can change the face and shape of the economy and the society we live in. If we all shop more women built brands, we can together unleash the powerful economic force and the enormous untapped contribution these businesses can make to our economy.

If we choose to buy more women built brands, we’ll end up with more female entrepreneurs. That’s great for the economy